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Consultation on electric vehicle charging points in Ludlow

The Government plans to stop the sale of all petrol and diesel cars by 2035 at the
latest and will permit only electric cars on public roads after 2050. To encourage
more motorists to switch to electric vehicles they are offering grants to enable the
installation of public charging points for Electric Vehicles [EVs].
Ludlow Town Council is therefore considering approaching Shropshire Council
regarding the installation of EV charging points on public roads in our town.
The Town Council are working in collaboration with Ludlow 21’s Sustainable Transport Group on this project.
We want to know whether you think this is a good idea – especially in your
neighbourhood!  Please click here to download the survey and return to Ludlow Town Council by 18th December.


Ludlow 21 is a local voluntary group established in 1998 to promote sustainable living in the Ludlow area within a fair and just global society. We are an independent body with no political or council ties.

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