Diary of Events

Ludlow 21 Open Meeting – 7.30pm Monday 2nd September
Upstairs in the Sitting Room @ The Blue Boar, Mill Street, Ludlow

‘Shared Ideas for a Shared Future’
At this time of environmental crisis, the heat is on, it’s time to act.

Please come and join us for an informal evening that will capture thoughts on key environmental issues that affect our lives and community. This will help Ludlow 21 focus it’s actions in the future.

Introductory talk by Gordon Coppock followed by key subject discussion areas focussed on key Ludlow 21 working groups with scope to discuss other subjects:

  •         Transport
  •         Energy/carbon emissions
  •         Fairtrade
  •         Incredible Edible
  •         Energy
  •         Climate Friendly Diet
  •         Education
  •         Swifts
  •         Other

Feedback and conclusion

You can find images of the flip-chart sheets that recorded the working sessions here:

climate_&_diet energy incredible_edible swifts transport