Ludlow is a Fairtrade Town, which means that as a town we’re committed to promoting ethical and fair trade in Ludlow.
We believe that a critically important way to help people in developing countries to improve their standard of living is through trading fairly, giving small scale farmers and artisans a fair price for the goods they produce and enabling them to improve community facilities such as schools and hospitals.
We seek to support small producers who work in a sustainable way through co-operative structures, positive environmental practices and good working conditions.
We believe that trading fairly with farmers in developing countries is an extension of the same ethical standards that drive the wish to pay local farmers fairly.
As part of its commitment to fair trade, Ludlow has its own dedicated Fair Trade Town Steering Group. It was the hard work of the group’s members that led to Ludlow being awarded Fairtrade Town status in 2003.
The group focuses attention on the wider issues of unfair international trade, joining with national campaigns working to change the rules that govern world trade in favour of, rather than against, producers in the developing world.
The group works closely with Ludlow 21, Shropshire Good Food Partnership, Ludlow Food Network, Ludlow Town Council, as well as local schools, churches and businesses.





Schools’ Day during Fairtrade Fortnight 2018. See the fair trade socks!