Resources & links

There are many organisations in Shropshire and neighbouring Herefordshire and Powys that have similar environmental aims and interests to to Ludlow 21. You can see some of them by following the link below although it is not an exhaustive list. If you would like us to have a link to your organisation please send an email.

Green Shropshire Xchange  is a resource for every individual, group and organisation working for transition to a sustainable future for the people of Shropshire. It also provides a showcase to promote and celebrate all the sustainable initiatives taking place in the county and a composite picture of this work.

Shrewsbury Friends of the Earth is a pressure group concerned with all aspects of the environment, especially in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

The  Ludlow Hydro Co-op is bringing Ludford Mill back to life with a state-of-the art hydropower installation, cunningly designed to fit in with the current buildings but which will generate 30kW – roughly enough for a lightbulb in every house in Ludlow.

Shropshire Wildlife Trust aims to protect and enhance the wildlife and wild places of Shropshire and to promote understanding, enjoyment and involvement in the natural world.

Founded in 1974, Pentabus originally toured plays to the five counties of the West Midlands: ‘pent’ meaning ‘five’ and ‘bus’ meaning, er, ‘touring in a bus’; and so the company was called Pent-a-bus. Today we tour new plays not just across the Midlands but all over the country. And we use hybrid vans rather than buses. But the principle is the same: our mission is to develop and produce quality new theatre about the contemporary rural world. To tour the country with plays that have local impact and national resonance.
To turn up in peoples’ village halls, theatres and digital backyards, connecting audiences nationwide.

Links to other local environmental organisations

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