• Just Credit Union  – The friendly, accessible way for Shropshire residents to save or borrow money. A Credit Union is a mutual financial co-operative which provides a convenient saving and low cost loans service to its members. It is democratically owned and controlled by the members and directed by volunteers. Staff are employed to manage the operations of the organisation and they in turn work alongside employee and community volunteers.
    Credit Unions offer their members a convenient way to save and offer affordable credit (maximum annual percentage rate prescribed by law at 12.68%) as well as promoting the welfare and financial education of their members.
  • The Co-operative Bank
    Operate a stringent ethical policy in all their areas and have a strong commitment to social responsibility They are the only high street bank that gives customers a say in how their money is used.

    Their internet banking under the Smile logo gives a good rate of interest on current accounts and has consistently been voted best value internet bank by Which?