• Wasteless Society – Bishop’s Castle.
    Encouraging the responsible use of the earth’s finite resources by providing both information and the means to act.
  • Centre for Alternative Technology –  Machynlleth
    CAT offers solutions to some of the most serious challenges facing our planet and the human race, such as climate change, pollution and the waste of precious resources. CAT demonstrates practical ways of addressing these problems. Leading by example, CAT aims to show that living more sustainably is not only easy to attain but can provide a better quality of life.
  • Herefordshire Greenlinks Directory – See how our neighbours in Herefordshire have put together an on-line directory to help find local, healthy, sustainable goods and services. There are sections for Food, Transport, Recycling etc but also for Education, Arts and Crafts, Health, Agriculture and other less obvious subjects.
  • LETS – Local Exchange Trading Systems or Schemes –The Ludlow group has now closed but the national group can be accessed via the link. These are local community-based mutual aid networks in which people exchange all kinds of goods and services with one another, without the need for money.
  • Shropshire Hills AONB – One of a number of national AONBs (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) charged with conserving and enhancing the natural environment and the local economy of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Key aspects of the way the AONB works are involving local people and seeking to integrate environmental, economic and social benefits.
  • Shropshire Fairtrade Coalition – a group of individuals, organisations and businesses from around Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin whose aim is to help promote Fairtrade. After a two year campaign Shropshire, including Telford & Wrekin, gained Fairtrade County status from the Fairtrade Foundation in 2007, and this was renewed in 2008 and again in 2011. Shropshire’s Fairtrade County status will be reviewed every two years. We work with towns to help them gain Fairtrade status and businesses and organisations who want to offer and support Fairtrade products.