Zero Carbon & Energy

Following the recent publication of the “Zero Carbon Britain” by CAT,  Ludlow21 is looking at the energy needs of Ludlow anew.  We are starting a programme of work set out here:

L21 Energy group project 2018-2020

1. Ask your community group to state their support for the Local Electricity Bill by  contacting Power for People via this webpage:

2. Ask other members of your community group, or a neighbour or a friend to sign up to the campaign. You can direct them this webpage:

Your efforts will help us build more Parliamentary support for the Bill which, if made  law, would deliver more local, clean energy and accelerate a green economic recovery.


If you are interested in joining in, please CONTACT:

We have also created a map (and notes) of the zero-carbon local energy schemes in the area. If you know of others, please let us know.

As you may know, Ludlow 21 is a shareholder in the Neen Sollars Community hydro scheme. More information (undated Nov. 2018) can be found here.

Archived reports from the Energy working group is available here:

Vision21 Renewable Energy Group Report July 2016

VISION21 ENERGY REPORT – December 2015