Sustainable Transport


A new report on Shropshire’s Rural Bus services and comparison with similar European services by Prof. John Whitelegg is now available here: FIT: Shropshire Buses Report

Vision Statement
Ludlow will adopt policies already widely implemented across the UK to minimise our carbon footprint and air pollution, improve public health by facilitating more active travel (walk and cycle) reducing road traffic danger and create a more people friendly town with a transport system which meets all our needs whilst reducing our reliance on private cars.

Pedestrians  – to provide safe, well-signed routes between all major points in the Town (e.g. Train Station, Guildhall, Assembly Rooms, Castle) with separate signing for special trails taking in local attractions. Special attention should be given to pavement/path surfacing and to priority road crossings wherever traffic is encountered.
Bikes  – to encourage more visitors, workers and residents (especially children) to move into and around the town by bicycle by providing more cycle racks and safe, clearly marked, cycle routes.
Buses – to ensure that our community has access to a fit-for-purpose bus service both within the town and to outlying communities and nearby towns including more shelters at busy and exposed bus stops and an attractive, frequent and efficient Park and Ride service.
Train Station – to make the station safer for pedestrians, provide topical and helpful information for visitors, improve its appearance and facilities and work towards an integrated transport system for the town.
Cars  – to reduce the number of cars in Ludlow town centre to improve air quality, reduce noise pollution, reduce wear and tear on our heritage buildings and streets and improve the ambiance, mobility and safety for children, the disabled, parents with pushchairs, pedestrians and cyclists whilst enhancing the driving experience for car owners.


Feb 2018 briefing note for new Electric Vehicle drivers available here

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