Zero Carbon & Energy

September 2021

Ludlow 21 has been working with the Rural Communities Energy Fund and Sharenergy to study issues around energy supply to small rural communities who are not on the gas grid.  We studied whether shared ground-source heat pumps could provide an effective alternative. You can download the report here.


Following the recent publication of the “Zero Carbon Britain” by CAT,  Ludlow21 is looking at the energy needs of Ludlow anew.  We are starting a programme of work set out here:

L21 Energy group project 2018-2020

1. Ask your community group to state their support for the Local Electricity Bill by  contacting Power for People via this webpage:

2. Ask other members of your community group, or a neighbour or a friend to sign up to the campaign. You can direct them this webpage:

Your efforts will help us build more Parliamentary support for the Bill which, if made  law, would deliver more local, clean energy and accelerate a green economic recovery.


If you are interested in joining in, please CONTACT:

We have also created a map (and notes) of the zero-carbon local energy schemes in the area. If you know of others, please let us know.

As you may know, Ludlow 21 is a shareholder in the Neen Sollars Community hydro scheme. More information (undated Nov. 2018) can be found here.

Archived reports from the Energy working group is available here:

Vision21 Renewable Energy Group Report July 2016

VISION21 ENERGY REPORT – December 2015