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In 2017 Local to Ludlow became a separate organisation, but retains close ties to Ludlow 21. See the Local to Ludlow website for more information about current activities.

The Ludlow 21 Food and Farming group was set up following the inaugural Ludlow 21 meeting in 1999 with volunteer members from a variety of backgrounds. The group’s aim was to promote the use of local food and drink as widely as possible.

The group’s activities included:

  • setting up a Local Produce Market in 2000
  • establishing a distinctive brand ‘Local to Ludlow’
  • sale of compostable bags
  • introducing young children to cooking skills with the aid of the ‘easy peasy’ cooking trailer.

Ludlow 21 is part of the Ludlow Food Network

The four agreed principles of the group are:

  • To provide good value, nutritious food for all
  • To ensure that food is ethically and responsibly sourced
  • To reduce food waste
  • To reduce packaging waste

Ludlow 21 is a signatory to the Shropshire Good Food Charter

Find out about the Shropshire Good Food Charter here.