• Ethical Consumer – Ethical Consumer is the UK’s leading alternative consumer magazine. Each issue contains practical guides to a range of products, from baked beans to banks. They tell you everything you need to know, from the social and environmental impacts of a product to the ethical records of the companies that make it. Complex issues are simplified with easy-to-use tables that show important facts at-a-glance.  You’ll find the latest news on human rights, environmental and animal welfare campaigns and also a range of in-depth features on ethical talking points and dilemmas.   Also provides an online ethical shopping guide – Ethiscore.
  • The Ecologist– Up-to-date news reports on environmental matters and campaigns world wide.
  • Permaculture magazine – Solutions For Sustainable Living. This leading environmental magazine gets to the heart of permaculture and sustainable living internationally. It features practical thought provoking articles on organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, climate change, peak oil, eco-villages, alternative technology, eco-architecture, personal and community development and much more. Packed with informative articles, readers solutions, DIY designs, news, reviews, book, tool and product reviews, letters, classifieds and details of a wide range of related courses.