Schools Energy assembly

On October 18th three members of the Ludlow 21 Education Group, Ian Urry, Christopher Deaves and Megan Blackmore, delivered a school assembly at Bishop Hooper Church of England Primary School, Ashford Carbonel on how to reduce our carbon footprint. The invitation was issued by T.A. Amanda Wilcox, leader of the school’s ‘Eco Warriors’, as part of the school’s ongoing work on sustainable living.

Volunteer pupils helped the visitors to tell the story of ‘Tom’ and ‘Sally’ on a typical day. Their lengthy showers, insistence on being driven around by their parents and a whole host of other energy-guzzling activities were dramatized through mime and role-play. Chris, appropriately clad in a white coat, played the part of the brainy professor, interjecting the narrative with apposite scientific information about CO2 emissions. The assembled children also played their part with some enthusiastic and knowledgeable contributions. The use of a mass of beanbags distributed amongst the pupils helped to provide them with a visual representation of the CO2 emissions that we are responsible for producing.

The school staff were very enthusiastic about the assembly, and the children certainly seemed to enjoy it and to engage with the issues raised in it. We hope that it will provide an impetus to launch a project created by the Education Group that will involve the children in attempting to save their body weight in CO2 emissions.

Hopefully, the assembly will be replicated in other schools over the next few months.

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