Urgent: Proposed changes to 701 bus. Respond by 6th May

Shropshire Council’s consultation on changes to bus services closes on 6th May.

Specifically to Ludlow there is a proposed reduction to the 701 service.  If all users of the service add their voices in objection, the Council are much more likely to listen.  Please send an email to  passtrans@shropshire.gov.uk and/or to steve.davenport@shropshire.gov.uk specifically about the 701 bus.

The email might well read as follows:

“There’s a proposal to reduce the frequency of the 701 Ludlow Town service from a 30 minute frequency to every 45 minutes.  This is a service which requires very little subsidy per passenger and therefore  why it is being included in proposed service revisions? The proposal would still require a one bus/driver per day and hence the savings would be marginal by reducing the service from 20 to 15 trips per day. I consider this to be a travesty when there are other options available. ”

More details about the proposed cuts are available here:


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