Fairtrade Fortnight 27 February – 12 March 2023

Fairtrade Fortnight 2023 is happening 27 February – 12 March 2023

Choose Fairtrade now and help save our favourite foods. 

Climate change is making crops such as tea, cocoa, coffee and bananas harder and harder to grow. Combined with extremely unfair trade, communities growing these crops are being pushed to the brink. 

But choosing Fairtrade, means extra income, power, and support for those communities. If they are paid fairly, farmers and communities have the financial means to mitigate the devastating effects of climate change they are experiencing now and build sustainable futures.

Choose Fairtrade and help people and planet and at the same time help save everyday foods and treats like chocolate, bananas and a hot cuppa tea or coffee! 

Look out for Fairtrade activities, events and displays in Ludlow over the Fortnight and remember to stock up on Fairtrade products now and every time you shop.

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